FSTD Center Set-up

FSTD training center design and set up requires specialist skills and knowledge of industry best practice.


ETOPS can provide the knowledge and experience to ensure the  successful setup of your FSTD training center. This support can cover the full range of tasks needed to ensure your facility is operational and appropriate to the training planned.

We understand that not all Training Centers are the same and not all operators require the same solution. Whilst some operators want a full “5 Star” operation others require a functional facility that “does the job”; we can advise on these aspects and ensure the facility you get is the facility you want.

Aspects that ETOPS can assist with  include;

  1. Building design and layout
  2. FSTD facility requirements
  3. FSTD maintenance technician selection, recruitment and training
  4. Quality Management System (QMS) preparation and instigation
  5. FSTD maintenance schedules and processes
  6. FSTD spares selection and provisioning
  7. FSTD tools and test equipment

We can do all of the above through a turnkey service provision.