FSTD Maintenance Support

All FSTDs  require continuous maintenance to retain regulatory qualification and fidelity of operation to deliver the training availability you require.


ETOPS can offer the following solutions:

Turnkey FSTD maintenance service where a complete team of maintenance technicicans is recruited and managed by ETOPS on your site

Planned visits to undertake scheduled and preventative maintenance tasks according to FSTD manufacturer requirements

On a call out basis for unscheduled maintenance tasks


Using ETOPS to support your FSTD maintenance requirements by any of the above models allows you to optimise simulator technicians resources and cost overheads at your FSTD site appropriate to the needs of your day-to-day operations.

ETOPS has been able to address this with an innovative training program; by taking newly qualified college leavers and putting them through our program we have helped operators achieve 99% plus availability (as measured by Arinc 433) in the first year of FFS operations.

The ETOPS approach is:

Apply a rigorous selection process

Initial period of on-site experience at an existing training center

An initial OEM  training course in FSTD operations and maintenance

• A period of targeted OJT and mentoring on-site

• Attendance of the aircraft specific “Gen-Fam” course(s)

These services are managed from our Simulator Support Centres in Toulouse, France and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.