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ATR 42/72-600 pilot training courses : now available !

ETOPS/TRU EUROPEAN PILOT TRAINING CENTER LAUNCHES ATR 600 TRAINING ETOPS/TRU PILOT TRAINING CENTER Toulouse announces the launch of its EASA authorized ATR 42/72-600 pilot training courses. From full type rating, to delta/transition courses, the ground training is delivered by distance

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PBN approved

PBN Standard has been implemented by Commission Regulation (EU) No 539/2016 related to Performance Based Navigation (PBN) that amends Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 (the Aircrew Regulation ). The new EASA PBN regulations will require that from 25 August 2018,

Eligible for public funding

  All our training curriculums are eligible for public funding (CPF, Fongecif, Pôle-Emploi, OPCA…) Call our office for more information at +33 532 090 566   or send a request  HERE

Want to become a Pilot? Here are some useful tips

Are you someone who : Has sent hundreds of resumes after you got your CPL/type rating (may be jobless for years) but you have not received any response or what you get are all rejections? Just finished high school, university

Pilot Shortage: Will demand overtake supply?

Whilst airlines are adamant that the recent talks of a pilot shortage does not indicate an empty cockpit on your next flight, it is important the industry pays special attention to a rapidly increasing demand which is trying to work

Airbus foresees demand for some 25,000 aircraft in the next 20 years

Some 25,000 new passenger and freighter aircraft valued at US$3.1 trillion will be delivered from 2009 to 2028, according to Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast. Emerging economies, evolving airline networks, expansion of low cost carriers and the increasing number of

China will lead the Asia Pacific Region in new airplane deliveries

China’s leading provider of passenger airplanes, projects a demand in the country for 6,020 new airplanes over the next 20 years, valued at $870 billion. The company released its annual China Current Market Outlook (CMO) today in Beijing which shows

Boeing forecasts huge need for pilots over next 2 decades

Boeing released a projection Tuesday showing an ever-growing need for more pilots and aircraft-maintenance technicians worldwide as the aviation industry booms across the globe.The Boeing forecast pegs worldwide demand over the next two decades at more than half a million