ETOPS Differentiators

Whatever you are an Airline, a self-sponsored trainee or a training center, ETOPS will provide you with our team of experts with years of experience on working for aircraft and training equipment manufacturers in an international environment. Due to ETOPS’ experience in aviation industry, its worldwide network, its deep knowledge of aviation Authorities’ requirements and the know-how of applying the requirements into practice, we will ensure high-standard training solution development or training centre set-up and operations.

The ultimate goal of the ETOPS team is to optimise operations and to reduce costs for our clients while delivering services that are in full compliance with international safety regulations and top quality standard.

Added value

ETOPS is a European EASA Approved ATO (A320 and ATR)
ETOPS has expertise in ATO Operation & setup
ETOPS conducts training in modern facilities and level D approved Full Flight Simulators
ETOPS utlises a pool of experts with background and experience specific to Aircraft type
ETOPS has the capacity to operate in various international and regulatory environments
ETOPS adapts its training syllabi for your SOPs
ETOPS delivers high quality training based upon Aircraft and FSTD manufacturer standards
ETOPS has strong relationship with many National Aviation Authorities
ETOPS has expertise in FSTD procurement, engineering, validation, qualification and support

All our training curriculums are eligible for funding
(CPF, Fongecif, Pôle-Emploi, OPCA…)