Want to become a Pilot? Here are some useful tips


Are you someone who :

  • Has sent hundreds of resumes after you got your CPL/type rating (may be jobless for years) but you have not received any response or what you get are all rejections?
  • Just finished high school, university or someone who decided to change your career path to pursue your dream as a pilot and unsure whether you should take up a piloting course and what are the options available for you to become one?
  • Was recently laid off as a captain, Senior FO or an experienced pilot with thousands of hours on type and yet failed to get a job or wonder why people less experienced than you are taking up all the “limited” number of jobs available in the market?
  • Have NO idea where to start looking or how to compete with thousands of jobless pilots worldwide or how to get in touch with the right person?

If you are lost and especially have the above questions spinning in your head, then you can have a look on the FlyGosh blog. It was created by a pilot who was jobless pilot knocking on doors around the world for an opportunity to fly before achieving his dream.


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